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Some Tips for Finding a Good Therapist for Your Child

Some Tips for Finding a Good Therapist for Your Child

therapy notesThe first thing you might want to do is do some research. Finding a therapist that is appropriate for your teen takes effort and time.

Things to consider when choosing a therapist

1. Availability & Location of the therapist.
Does her/his practice open?
Can he or she see your teen before and after school?

2. Short-term or Long-term Needs of your teen
Training of the therapist

3. Is the therapist certified or credentialed?

therapy meaning4. Payment Methods
If you have health insurance, begin by calling your insurance company and asking about your mental health assistance.

Don’t overlook to ask how many sittings are covered and what your co-pay will be.

5. Therapist Orientation
Each therapist has trained and practices under a particular orientation.

A therapist with a cognitive-behavioral orientation considers that behaviors and thoughts are tied to signs, and will conduct therapy aimed at changing behaviors.