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Art therapy and Light Therapy

Art therapy and Light therapy

Art therapy

therapy appointmentUses the creative method of art-making to enhance a person’s overall wellness emotional, physical, and mental. Participating in art activities has been presented to guide people to decrease their stress levels and better address issues in their life. For others, the positive effects can come from self-directed participation in any form of art, but in correct art therapy, a trained art therapist would select certain materials and assignments that are picked to target the specific necessities of the participant.

Light therapy

therapyIs often used for the medication of Seasonal Affective dysfunction where a person undergoes from a depression in the times of the year when there is a minimum quantity of sunlight, but may also be used to treat different kinds of depression. During a light therapy session, the patient in treatment would sit beside a light box that gives off a bright light, similar to everyday sunlight. The amount of time people give near their light box each day changes but often falls in the 20-30 minute range. People can work or read while using the lightbox as long as they don’t look straight at the light.